Vroom! Vroom! Here Comes the Groom…Cake

hamburger groom's wedding cake

Guys, ready to express yourself? The groom cake is probably the only decision you will be allowed to make about your wedding day. Weddings are notoriously bride-centreed, from flowers and food, colours and theme to the venue.

Crank up your super-shopper-mojo and go where the cakes are. Excepting, no supermarket cakes allowed! Look for a sweet little bakery, hopefully with a professional cake decorator.

You deserve the bestest cake on the planet!

Traditional Groom’s Cakes

a superbowl grooms cake

Tradition has it the groom’s cake is chocolate – symbolising your masculine yang balancing her feminine yin – while the wedding cake is a virginal white.

What say you – wanna toss this tradition outta the window? If you prefer a strawberry, coconut or lemon groom cake, you are the sole decider. Have it decorated with as much or as little bling as your little heart desires.

We’re seeing a lot of candy bar inspired groom cakes this year. How about a replica of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Snickers or an Oreo-like cake?

Shapes of Groom Cakes

If candy-cakes are too sweet for your taste, think about your interests and hobbies, such as fishing, golfing, poker, football or playing guitar. Also, frequently a man’s job defines him. A creative cake designer can make cakes shaped like fire trucks, guitars, police cars and so on. We’re seeing way-out cakes shaped like motorcycles, a Formula One race track and even football stadiums.

The groom’s cake is generally fun and funky. One of the quirkiest shapes ever is an R.I.P. tombstone. Five fingers poke out of the grave, with a wedding ring on the left hand!

Whimsical Groom Cake Topper Ideas

Every pot needs a lid and every cake needs a topper. No wimpy first couple kiss, first dance or butterflies shall ever say grace over the groom’s cake! ‘

Cause guys just wanna have fun.

The Fireman Groom Cake Topper is the height of masculinity. The porcelain fireman figurine climbs a ladder, symbolising the groom’s willingness to rescue his lovely bride. Of course, she will rescue him right back.

fireman cake topper

If you’re proud to be a geek, you’ll resonate with the Geek Chic Groom Cake Topper. This figurine is hand-painted porcelain and comes with a selection of hair colours. The true persona of geekdom, he sports the requisite bow tie and glasses with black frames. His pants are a tad too short, but Geek Groom is styling with his signature pocket protector.

Psst! Did you know Geek is the new Sexy?

geek chic groom cake topper

If your idea of exercise is flipping the remote, the Couch Potato Gamer Groom Cake Topper is a surefire winner. Be amazed at the intricate detailing of this porcelain groom cake topper. For instance, see the video game controller in one hand and TV remote in the other.

couch potato gamer groom cake topper

Bottom Line

The groom’s cake is traditionally placed alongside the wedding cake at the wedding. How about we break another tradition? Consider unveiling your special groom cake at the rehearsal dinner. That way you’ll get your 15 minutes of wedding fame without upstaging your lovely bride.