Top 6 Animal Wedding Cake Toppers

cute bride and groom chicks cake toppers

It’s reigning cats and dogs! The animal kingdom is stealing the thunder from the little wedding people. Isn’t it en-lightening that animal wedding cake toppers are crowning more and more wedding cakes?

Whether you choose an animal wedding cake topper for its symbolic meaning or just want to honour your beloved pet, we’ve got what you want.

Porcelain Owl Wedding Cake Toppers

two porcelain owl cake toppers on white cake

What a hoot! This perky pair of white porcelain owls flew in on the winds of change to bring blessings. From their lofty perch on top of your wedding cake they see you and your groom were perfectly made for each other. Listen to owl wisdom for long years of wedded bliss.

This stylish pair is an ideal wedding cake topper for barn themes, nature inspired celebrations or even black tie weddings.

Whooo loves you baby?

Labrador Dog Cake Topper

Labrador Dog Cake Topper

Tooooo precious! This black or brown Labrador dog looks so lifelike; your guests will want to tickle his ears. Maybe you aren’t including your dog as the ring bearer or best “man”, but with this sweet cake topper, he won’t be excluded.

No doubt you’ll treasure the Labrador dog keepsake cake topper throughout the years.

Polar Bear Hug Wedding Cake Topper

interlocking porcelain polar bears hugging cake topper

These matte glazed porcelain polar bear cake toppers add a majestic touch to even the tallest wedding cake. Like your cake of many layers, polar bears hold many layered meanings. Maybe your “pet” name for your guy is Huggy Bear. Perhaps he gives great bear hugs. Could be, as a couple, you are active in the “save the polar bear movement”.

This wedding cake topper was carefully crafted so the pieces interlock with each other as they share a bodacious bear hug.

Love Nest Wedding Cake Topper

love nest cake topper with two birds

Have you heard that bird themed weddings are the latest trend? Whether you’re inspired by the natural world or passionate for all things bird, our love nest wedding cake topper is an auspicious accent for your cake.

Made from sustainable wood, two charming love birds are cuddled in their nest, underneath an arch. You can personalise the sign hanging above their heads with your initials. Choose a heart, ampersand or plus sign for the graphic between your initials.

White Doves & Flowers Cake Topper

two white doves cuddling cake topper

This – lovely brides – is as good as it gets. Intricate detailing on glazed white porcelain, high-level design and eminent quality make this wedding cake topper a wedding memento you will cherish. We’ve heard from some brides, who are displaying white doves & flowers in their china cabinet.

White doves symbolize innocence and purity of the wedding couple. Since doves mate for life, they also embody the everlasting commitment the couple vows.

Cute Chicks Wedding Cake Topper

cute bride and groom chicks cake toppers

Well…if these cute chicks don’t take the cake! Two country chicks gone citified… he’s in a top hat and she’s styling in a birdcage veil. This year brides are going ga-ga over whimsical cake toppers and the very word “chicken” will get a laugh.

Decidedly different from porcelain or acrylic toppers, designers fashioned these cute chicks from wool felt.