Top 5 Acrylic Cake Toppers with Popular Words and Phrases

Just Married Acrylic Cake Topper

Word and phrase wedding cake toppers make good bride-sense. Words are what we use to express our sentiments. Instead of cake topper figurines that symbolise your feelings, why not spell them out in words? From popular sayings like ‘Always and Forever’ to simply ‘Love’, words make a strong statement.

Here are a few of our most popular word and phrase wedding cake toppers.

“Always & Forever” Acrylic Cake Topper

"Always & Forever" Acrylic Cake Topper
Always & Forever black acrylic cake topper

We have ‘always’ been admonished not to use absolutes like never or forever. But, when the two of you have waited so long to connect and you both know it is right, what better sentiment to crown your wedding cake?

This fabulous wedding cake topper is created from long-lasting acrylic.

In essence, always and forever transcends death. It means you will love each other for never-ending eternity. You will want to display this awesome topper in your home, to remind you of the sacred promise you made on your wedding day.

“Oh So Sweet” Cake Topper

"Oh So Sweet" Cake Topper

What is sweeter, your sweetheart’s kiss or feeding each other the first bite of yum-tastic wedding cake? It’s anybody’s guess, but everybody will agree this “Oh So Sweet” cake topper is the focal point of your wedding celebration.

Anyway, you won’t have to choose since you will experience both – tasting your “Oh So Sweet” cake and lots of sweet kisses from now on.

Even sweeter, you may choose from eight different colours, including dark pink, black, white and more. Metallic colours are hot this year. Add bling to a naked cake with metallic silver or gold word toppers.

“Love” Cake Topper

"Love" Cake Topper

Love is the simplest, yet most profound word in the romance language. The love acrylic cake topper in black or white, with its keepsake stand adds a touch of personality to your sign-in station. Here’s how:

Instead of a formal guest book, place a pretty journal on your sign-in table. Ask your guests to sign their name and write their version of what love is. This is a brilliant way to capture the memories of your special day forever.

“So Happy Together” Acrylic Cake Topper

so happy together black acrylic cake topper

You’re so happy together, your smiles infect everyone you meet. You’re so happy together, you can’t quit humming. You’re so happy together, your feet want to get up and dance, even when no music is playing.

You’re so happy together, you’re getting married! You can’t climb on top of the world and whistle a happy tune for everybody to hear. However, with this acrylic wedding cake topper, sitting pretty on top of your cake, the world will get “it”. Or at least your wedding guests will!

Best Day Ever” Acrylic Cake Topper

white acrylic best day ever cake topper

Your wedding day is a culmination of all the moments of your life, leading up to now. It is likely your “Best Day Ever”. Why not declare this word cake topper as your wedding statement? Because many best days are sure to follow.

Lettering is available in black, white or dark pink.

Bottom Line

Your wedding day is too exceptional to settle for a cookie-cutter cake topper. Use your words!