Thinking of a Black, White or Gold Cake Topper?

Colour drives all things associated with your wedding from décor to flowers to wedding cake toppers. For example, black, white and gold is opulent, sophisticated and romantic. Wedding cake toppers that enhance this colour scheme are as endless as your love.

Single Initial Style Monogram Cake Toppers

gold monogram cake toppers on wedding cake
Gold monogram cake toppers

Laser cut acrylic initials are available in gold or white. Personalise your wedding cake with a combination of letters that is significant to you. Insert the food safe stakes into the cake to keep the letters secure.

Finish your wedding cake with the first initial of your new last name. One initial makes a dramatic assertion atop a many-tiered cake.

Ornamental Dragonfly Wedding Cake Topper

Dragonfly Wedding Cake Topper
Gold dragonfly cake topper

Native Americans consider the dragonfly symbolic of purity, happiness and embracing change. And, isn’t that what your wedding day is all about?

Get your style on with this hand-painted, gold dragonfly cake topper. Twisted vines and beautiful flowers form a heart.

Its solid base permits you to display your dragonfly cake topper in a prominent place in your home.

Moonlit Romance’ Wedding Cake Topper

moon and stars cake topper with bride and groom
Moonlit Romance wedding cake topper

Need cake-spiration? How about white on white?

The Moonlit Romance wedding cake topper is an exquisite expression of purest love. Crafted from white porcelain, soul mates are spooning while sitting on a quarter moon, amidst the stars. Note the Old World charm of the gentleman kissing his beloved’s hand.

A white cake graced by this white wedding cake topper is black-tie worthy!

White Doves & Flowers Cake Topper

two white doves cuddling cake topper
White Doves & Flowers cake topper

Another love story symbolised in white porcelain…two white doves nestled among flowers, ‘billing and cooing’. Express your desire essence to mate for life, like the dove, with this exquisite cake topper.

Dove carries promise-energy – of a new beginning, happy home, abundance and everlasting love – to the newlyweds.

This gorgeous wedding cake topper is a pretty perfect prelude if you are doing a dove release after the ceremony.

Secret Kiss Silhouette Acrylic Cake Topper

Secret Kiss Silhouette Acrylic Cake Topper
Secret Kiss wedding cake topper

Ahhh – sweet mystery of the silhouette. Look at the outline of this couple sharing a ‘secret’ kiss and let your imagination soar.

It appears the couple depicted in this silhouette cake topper are oblivious to the outside world. Are they sneaking a hurried kiss before the ceremony? Note her subconscious ‘leg lift’, a sign of true love.

Secret Kiss could just be the wow factor you’re looking for to crown your wedding cake!

Winter Snowflake Wedding Cake Topper

Winter Snowflake Wedding Cake Topper
Winter Snowflake cake topper

Snowflakes are nature’s bling. This precious cake topper adds the missing element to our black, white and gold celebration – wedding cake bling. Its shiny porcelain patina is dotted with sparkly crystals, making the perfect photo op for the traditional cutting of the cake.

Like the little snowflake, none of us are exactly the same. Show off your unique side with a gold wedding cake and winter snowflake cake topper.

Bottom Line

Aside from your wedding ring, your wedding cake topper is the most symbolic aspect of the biggest day of your life. It not only serves as an adornment for your wedding cake, in years to come your cake topper will serve as custodian of your wedding memories.