Ideas for a Coffee Inspired Wedding Theme

coffee beans with wedding rings

Brides are busy brewing up coffee inspired weddings from Australia to Texas. This is a terrific theme for sunrise or winter weddings and the perfect blend for industrial themed or intimate wedding celebrations. Whether you’re a caffeine addict or a coffee snob, the coffee inspired wedding theme will “espresso” your love for coffee and each other.

If you are the couple, who fell in love at first sip, this one’s for you!

Venues for Coffee Themed Wedding

coffee shop wedding


The latest trend on the wedding scene is the coffee shop wedding. This somewhat quirky venue is ideal for intimate weddings. Otherwise, you can replicate the cozy ambiance of a coffee shop. Think fireplace, comfy couches, soft overhead music, chalkboard signs and of course, a coffee bar.

An industrial site with its brick walls as backdrop ‘marries’ well with the coffee inspired wedding.

Coffee Bar

coffee station at a wedding

Simple or elaborate, the coffee bar is a must-have. A simple DIY coffee bar invites guests to create their own beverage. A more elaborate set-up could include a barista who creates fancy drinks like café mocha or café latte.

Stock the coffee bar with various flavoured coffees, fixings and coffee-friendly desserts. Nice-haves are chocolate spoons, flavouring syrups and whipped cream topping. Decide if you want to offer liqueurs, such as Baileys Irish Crème, Frangelico and/or Amaretto.

Mini-desserts on small plates encourage your guests to mix and mingle. Crème Brulee, mini-cheesecakes and tiny gourmet brownies are a few ideas.

Just think of all those greenbacks you will save with a coffee and dessert reception, as opposed to a formal sit down dinner with alcoholic beverages.

Wedding Colours

pantone iced coffee colour pallette

Iced coffee is one of the Pantone 2016 Top 10 colours. Rich with an earthy vibe, iced coffee blends well with various shades of brown, champagne or metallic copper.

Wedding Dress

iced coffee wedding dresses

Rigid rules are relaxing and white is no longer the essential colour for wedding gowns. We expect to see more coloured wedding dresses this year, in particular champagne, iced coffee and pink. This is quite sensible as the gown can be worn again and again on formal occasions.

Lacy long sleeved dresses, with a showy statement back, are rising in popularity.

A champagne wedding dress is elegantly-simple and sophisticated. Gowns in shades of iced coffee or champagne fall within your coffee coloured palette.


coffee beans with candles

For a romantic accent and delicious aroma, fill candle holders with stale coffee beans and insert candles in the centre. The heat from the candle awakens the succulent scent of the coffee beans.

For a brilliant centrepiece put coffee beans in vintage coffee cans and add fresh flowers. For a pop of colour, choose pink flowers to contrast with the brown beans.

Chalkboard signs are fun and contribute to the coffee shop image. Arrow-shaped directional chalkboards point the way to the “Ceremony”, “Reception”, etc. Perch a “Welcome Guests” chalkboard on an easel at the entrance.

Hang a chalkboard sign: “Eat Sweets, Drink Coffee and Be Married” on the wall behind the coffee bar.

Bottom Line

For a fun-tastic send-off, have your guests toss a few coffee beans instead of rice.