Feathered Wedding Cake Toppers & Feather Theme Ideas

Lovely brides, are you undecided about your wedding theme? If so, the feather themed wedding just may be the answer to achieving that elusive dreamy, floaty, airy effect. In the meantime, take a ‘gander’ at our new feather-inspired line of wedding cake toppers.

Intertwined Feathers Wedding Cake Topper

Intertwined Feathers Wedding Cake Topper

We awarded Intertwined Feathers the Most Exquisite Cake Topper of 2016. Why? Because we can!

This exquisite wedding cake topper captures the very essence of you and your groom’s commingling of dreams.

Made of fine bisque porcelain, this one’s a keeper. Give it a place of honor in your new home.

For, when a feather appears, an angel is near.

Feather Whimsy Porcelain & Wood Cake Topper

Feather Whimsy Porcelain & Wood Cake Topper

On the other side of exquisite, feathers are whimsical. White porcelain feathers and a personalized wood veneer insert make a fun, nostalgic statement.

Remember that sweet feeling when your boyfriend carved both your initials in a tree trunk? Replicate that young love by having your names and wedding date inscribed on the wooden disc in our Feather Whimsy font.

As Zsa Zsa Gabor once declared, “The feather in your cap is to get a man you love who’ll marry you.”

Free Spirit Porcelain & Wood Cake Topper

Free Spirit Porcelain & Wood Cake Topper

Did cupid’s arrow capture the wedding couple’s hearts? The union of a wood veneer disc and white porcelain feathers symbolise you and your groom uniting as one. Personalised especially for you, your first names are linked by an arrow. The feathered end of the arrow symbolises a sparkling, spiritual start, while the arrowhead demonstrates that as a couple, you are traveling the same path.

Feather Whimsy Personalised Acrylic Cake Topper

Feather Spirit Acrylic Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re looking for a more contemporary, colorful feather wedding cake topper, this is the one. Feather Whimsy’s creative styling is available in three variations – purple, chocolate brown or sea blue – to complement your wedding colour theme.

Crafted from self-standing, lustrous acrylic, you may personalise it with both first names and date of wedding. If you prefer, place it on the table where your guests sign in.

Ideas for Your Feather Themed Wedding

Here’s a brilliant idea, compliments of us. We haven’t seen it done, so who knows, you may start a trend! Attach your rings to an arrow and have the best man wear it in a quiver. He’ll remove the arrow and hand it to the minister or wedding officiant at the proper time. Isn’t this a great way to keep track of the wedding rings?

Instead of a bridal bouquet, carry a fan made of feathers.

Fill your adorable flower girl’s basket with feathers to scatter down the aisle, rather than traditional flower petals.

Feathery wedding gowns are rocking the cat walk this year, with wedding designers being influenced by soft, flow and fluidity. We’re seeing feathers embellishing the waist, circling the hem, under flounces or frills.

Put the wow on your groom and guests as you float down the aisle in your gown with a flared feather skirt.

At the end of the day, dispense with the rice and have your guests bid adieu with a feathery send-off.