Do you have the Moxie for a Sunrise Wedding?

a bride and groom at sunrise on the beach

Are you a card-carrying member of the Early Risers Club? Do you and your sweetie start the day on the patio with coffee and sunrise? If so, have the advantages of an early morning wedding dawned on you?

If you’re a non-conformist bride, a sunrise wedding is your ticket to freedom. Because early morning weddings are still rare, there are no hard and fast rules.

The Venue

a sunrise wedding in a garden
A sunrise wedding in botanical gardens… doesn’t get much more magical than this.

You’re in for a delightful surprise. Take advantage of venues that provide off-hour prices when hosting early morning events. Alternative options, such as art museums, parks, botanical gardens or chic restaurants, which aren’t open in the mornings, may be able to accommodate your needs.

The Food

an omelet bar at a sunrise wedding
It’s breakfast time so food is easy… everyone loves an omelet!

Insanely fantastic food on the cheap is perhaps the greatest perk associated with morning weddings. Whether you go elegant with a sit down breakfast and white-coated waiters or the casual buffet, morning foods cost far less than an evening meal. Or, you can buy dozens of eggs for the price of a filet mignon.

Breakfast ideas include: mini-quiches, custom omelet station, Belgian waffles, Canadian bacon, ham, bacon, fresh fruits, assorted breakfast breads.

The Drinks

Coffee station... a must have at a sunrise wedding

Cha-ching! Savings keep adding up. Be mindful, you aren’t obliged to serve alcohol at a morning wedding. Just a lotta coffee and hot cocoa for the kiddos is sufficient.

morning happy hour photo with champagne
It’s 5’Oclock somewhere! Photo source:

If desired, champagne may be provided for the traditional toast.

To Cake or Not to Cake?

two naked wedding cakes with lots of fruit
Naked wedding cake… plenty of fruit makes up for no icing.

It is your call whether or not to take the conventional wedding cake route at your early morning reception. Not everybody loves sweets first thing in the morning, so you may want to include the waste factor in your decision making.

A good compromise is the “naked” cake (without icing). For pops of colour, spread fresh fruits between each layer.

The Colour Palette

sunrise wedding colour pallette

Sunrise is a sacred promise of new possibilities. Let its mesmerising and majestic colours – yellow, fuchsia, peach, orange – inspire your wedding colours.


a bouquet of flowers with sunset hues

Choose vivid flowers such as lilies, roses or dahlias. Morning Glories open up in early morning, making them picture perfect for your sunrise wedding. Gerbera daisies – sunshine yellow, brilliant orange, peach or intensely red – radiate colours of sunrise.

Early Morning Attire

New Short Front and long back Wedding Dress with High Low Lace and Chiffon

Here comes the elegantly casual bride. She’s rocking the newest fashion, a short front, back long dress, in chiffon and lace. Her groom wears a white dress shirt, un-tucked, collar open and khaki slacks.

Your bridesmaids look like lovely sunbeams in various colours of sunrise.

This is the beauty of early morning attire, or the dressy-casual wedding. Nothing stiff or formal allowed.

The Music

sarah playing the harp at a sunrise wedding in georgetown
Sarah playing the harp at a sunrise wedding. Photo by: Shelley Elena

Music at sunrise is not mandatory; however, a harpist enhances soft and dreamy morning ambiance. Since guests aren’t likely to dance this early, no need to hire a six-piece band.

Spectacular Photo-Ops

a bride and groom at sunrise on the beach
Sunrise on the beach in Hawaii. Photo by: James Rubio Photography

The bride who gets married in the evening can’t buy, borrow or steal great morning light that is yours for free. Make the first photo of you and your groom standing with backs to camera, holding hands just as the sun rises.

Bottom Line

Experts have dubbed early morning weddings “the unsung heroes on the wedding scene”. Rumour has it that this could be the year more brides awaken to the benefits of a sunrise wedding.