6 Popular Acrylic Wedding Cake Toppers

hexagonal personalised acrylic gold cake topper

Wedding cake toppers have come a long way from the tacky plastic bride and groom figures. Contemporary cake toppers are made for the long haul, since modern brides want statement pieces that will last long after the wedding ceremony.

Due to its beauty and durability, wedding cake toppers crafted from acrylic are increasing in popularity. Acrylic is stronger and clearer than glass. It retains its clarity for decades, without turning yellow. Acrylic is lighter than glass, but looks remarkably like etched glass.

Here are a few of our favourite acrylic cake toppers:

Aqueous Personalised Acrylic Cake Toppers

Aqueous acrylic block style wedding cake topper
Aqueous acrylic block wedding cake topper

Doesn’t this topper just take the cake? With an array of delightful differences, look no further than our Aqueous Personalised Acrylic Cake Toppers. Choose from five provocative colours, which express affinity with the natural world.

Handcrafted and customised with your first names, no two aqueous wedding cake toppers are exactly alike. In addition, this simple-chic, self-standing topper was made to last – like your love.

Zinnia Blossom Personalised Cake Topper

Zinnia Blossom acrycli block cake topper
Zinnia Blossom acrycli block cake topper

Say “I do” to this awesome Zinnia Blossom acrylic wedding cake topper. Zinnias are symbolic of affection and endurance. With eight colour choices and three lines for personalisation, your zinnia topper will be certified original.

Designed for self-standing, its clean, contemporary lines complement your other wedding pretties.

Mr. & Mrs. – Black Personalised Cake Topper

Mr & Mrs Personalised Black Acrylic Cake Topper
Mr & Mrs cake topper in black acrylic

Now you’ve got it – flaunt it. You have waited so long to get your M.R.S. Degree. Show your new surname with our scene-stealing, Mr. & Mrs. acrylic wedding cake topper. Customise it with Mr. & Mrs. and your new Last Name, which will be hand carved in acrylic. How majestic it will appear crowning your wedding cake!

Engraved Silhouette Acrylic Cake Topper

Engraved silhouette acrylic cake topper with personalisation
Engraved silhouette acrylic cake topper with personalisation

The vintage wedding retains its status as one of the most popular themes in 2016. Featured inside a charming vintage frame are side view silhouettes, gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes. Afterward, this framed silhouette will grace your mantle to memorialise your wedding celebration.

This wedding cake topper puts the “fine” in refinement.

Black Floating Monogram Wedding Cake Topper

Black Floating Monogram Acrylic Cake Topper
Black floating monogram style cake topper

Monograms are well-established status symbols in the fashion world. This year, we expect to see monogram wedding cake toppers leading the parade. A customised cake topper, featuring the first initial of your new surname is a striking way to solidify your personal statement.

The initial of your new last name adheres to an acrylic base and gives the illusion the topper is floating in air. Truly, a one-size-fits-all, themes, colour schemes and cake styles.

Lovelies, this one is a win/win.

Opulence Personalised Acrylic Cake Toppers

gold acrylic opulence cake topper
Opulence acrylic cake topper engraved with gold fill colour

Opulence is a wedding cake topper that glorifies its name. Befitting a princess or billion-dollar heiress, this personalised acrylic cake topper is worthy of your dream wedding. Simple, yet intricate styling will take your breath away.

You get three lines of custom engraving and your choice of three colours – charcoal, gold or silver – for filling in the engraved areas.

With luxury the word of the day, ‘Opulence’ transforms your cake into a vision of excellence.

Bottom Line

If your motto is go big or go home – go acrylic!