Top 5 Ideas for Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

If you’re all about having fun, these funny wedding cake toppers will help express your delicious sense of humour. Because, at the end of the day, you deserve wedding memories that are sooo you!

Where is it written that weddings must be seriously stuffy? Why can’t you show your humorous side? Good news – just because your love for each other is serious, your Big Day doesn’t have to be boring.

‘Pinch of Love” Funny Cake Topper

pinch of love funny wedding cake topper
Funny cake topper with the bride giving the groom a nice naughty pinch.

We are beyond excited about this deceptively precious cake topper. From a frontal view, it’s just another regulation bride and groom figurine. But, turn it around and – what a wow factor – the bride is pinching the groom’s bottom – just because she can.

It also provides the perfect photo-op of the wedding couple posing beside the cake. Plus, the bride gets a public opportunity to pinch her groom’s tushie too.

Made of long lasting hand painted porcelain, you can reuse this cake topper for future anniversaries. Option is provided to change hair and skin colour.

Bride Dragging Groom Funny Cake Topper

bride dragging groom funny wedding cake toppers
Funny cake topper where the bride has the upper hand.

This is picture-perfect if the bride had to pony-up with a management ring to entice her groom to the altar. However, if the groom is a good guy who was ready to commit with prodding, it could be very embarrassing for him.

The real nitty-gritty about funny wedding cake toppers is they must fit the bride and groom’s personalities and have a semblance of truth. Otherwise, you’ll get a few snickers, but your guests won’t appreciate displaying the groom (or bride) in a bad light.

This offbeat wedding cake topper is crafted from hand painted porcelain. You may customise the hair colour to match yours.

Princess Bride Kissing Frog Cake Topper

funny cake topper with bride kissing a frog
Funny fairtytale theme cake topper with bride kissing a frog… or is it a prince?

You’re the pretty one. Men feed off your energy like honeybees in a clover patch. But, as the saying goes – “you gotta kiss a lotta frogs to find your prince.”

This cutesy cake topper symbolises the bride kissing her very last frog in order for the prince to be made manifest.

Pick the hair colour that matches yours and it will be hand painted on the porcelain figurine.

Frog Prince “Almost Perfect Groom”Cake Topper

The frog prince groom cake topper figurine.
The frog prince groom cake topper figurine.

Whoopsie Daisy! The Prince retained his really big froggy feet. Still…he’s almost perfect. Perhaps their first kiss as bride and groom will complete his metamorphosis?

Pair this whimsical wedding cake topper with the Princess Bride Kissing Cake Topper (above). To show the transformation, place the bride on the bottom tier of the wedding cake and put the groom on top.

Mobile Phone Addicted Bride & Groom Cake Toppers

Funny cake topper with the bride and groom on their mobile phones.
Funny cake topper with the bride and groom on their mobile phones.

If you and your groom are Big Important business people, even your wedding day won’t distract from your mobile phones. This hilarious cake topper highlights a bride and groom, each with a cell phone ‘stuck’ in their ear.

An ideal way for couples who must stay connected to poke fun at a mutual addiction. Various hair colours are available.

Bottom Line

Life is all about love and laughter and happy ever after. These funny cake toppers will give your guests a good laugh and start your married life off on a jolly note.