4 Elegantly Irresistible Porcelain Wedding Cake Toppers

white dove love birds cake topper

You are the bride who expects only the best. And gets it. You have a long-held vision of your Wedding Day, from its elaborate ballroom and wedding cake topper to your groom’s boutonniere.

Oh Holy Excitement – do we have elegantly irresistible wedding cake toppers that outshine all the others!

Hold My Hand Wedding Cake Topper

Hold My Hand Wedding Cake Topper
‘Hold My Hand’ Porcelain Cake Topper

Fingers entwined, palms kissing, touching hands, touching hearts. Two hearts beating as one. This elegant, glazed porcelain, cake topper captures the perfect moment in your perfect day.

Here, the bride sits prettily inside (her) stylised heart. She seems to say – give me your heart – here’s mine.

The groom, who is standing beside her, reaches out and clasps her dainty hand. Words need not be spoken. A simple gesture binds them together, forever.

Lovebirds Wedding Cake Topper

white dove love birds cake topper
‘Love Birds’ Porcelain Cake Topper

Promise permeates the air…your heart sings in three-part harmony…your wedding day is all about your personal style, from your long white veil to your tall white wedding cake.

However, you are the bride who eschews the time-honoured plastic wedding people, too common. Instead, you chose these precious porcelain lovebirds to crown your cake.

Lovebirds are monogamous and mate for life, exactly as you and your groom will vow on this important day. They get depressed and anxious when their love-mate is not nearby, feelings you would share if circumstances dictated a long distance relationship.

Heart Framed Trinity Knot Cake Topper

Heart Framed Trinity Knot Cake Topper
‘Heart Framed Trinity Knot’ porcelain cake topper

Express your Irish side with this glazed white porcelain cake topper. Tangled lines of a trinity knot are exquisitely unified within a heart. The trinity knot a.k.a. the endless knot, symbolizes the couple’s endless love for each other.

The Irish Wedding Blessing is inscribed on the bottom of the cake topper’s base: May your hands be forever blessed in friendship and your hearts joined forever in love.

Its rectangular base is highlighted with an unbroken line of hearts, representing eternal love.

Fairytale Castle Wedding Cake Topper

White Fairytale Castle Wedding Cake Topper
‘Fairytale Castle’ porcelain cake topper

Castle’s are back in 2016 and this Fairytale Castle Wedding cake topper is sooo wow worthy – ’cause every Princess Bride needs a castle for the prettification of the dreamiest wedding cake made manifest.

Turn around, look in the mirror and admire the diaphanous layers of your glitzy, sparkly Fairytale wedding dress. Today marks the dramatic conclusion of every romantic dream and thing you’ve experienced, which have brought you to this moment.

You might say it’s the cherry on top. Make yours a Fairytale Castle, the ultimate in regal embellishments for your wedding cake.

Take your castle wedding cake topper home and display it proudly. When you walk by it, pause and read the timeless words on its base – “And they lived happily ever after.”

And, so it is.

Bottom Line

We have chosen the best of the best white porcelain wedding cake toppers for your pleasure. Each of the toppers is elegantly irresistible, which could make it difficult to pick just one.

Why not buy three or two? Place one on top of the wedding cake; another by the guest book and another on the bride’s table.