Still Shopping Message Board & Groom Cake Topper


These comical cake toppers feature a groom that has been left waiting. In replace of the bride there is just a sign that says she is “Still Shopping”, with colourful shopping bags, her bridal shoes and flowers at the base with her veil hanging from the sign. This cake topper makes a very funny addition to your wedding day, especially to have a laugh at yourself brides, especially if you know you are a shop-aholic… as if there is any question that you aren’t.

    wedding cake topper hair colour options

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    Customisation Terms

    At the factory, hair colours are painted directly to unfinished porcelain bisque. Our artists must completely paint over the top of the original hair colour in order to accommodate your customisation request. As a result, a customised hair colour will not be an exact match when compared to hair colours that were applied during the initial production. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery if hair colour is customised.